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Logistics Consulting 

About Us

The North Motors Group is a leading adviser to automotive OEM and logistic providers.   We understand the challenges in this market space.  For our supplier customers, you want to grow your business and create a presentation of your brand that shows you are an industry leader.  Our team has proven results and will provide a tiered marketing plan.  We provide strategic planning and supply chain analysis for finished vehicle operating groups. 

For our OEM customer base, you need to reduce your operating costs, improve your network's efficiency, and get your products to market in a more transparent and timely manner.  The North Motors Group has ideas and solutions for your most difficult challenges.

Our customers have an interest in elevating their performance, creating a benchmark within their industry space, and creating an operating team that exceeds their targets. The North Motors Group excels at improving your company’s branding and messaging to advance your position within the industry. We focus on channeling your company’s history and achievements to leverage your services against competitors. 


Whether it is helping your team elevate their performance against standards, reduce their cost per unit of operations, or improving the company's industry brand market awareness – The North Motors Group will help your team improve and become an industry leader.


Our Services

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Strategic Planning 

The North Motors Group understands the challenges of the automotive and logistics space. We provide our customer's experts to uncover, develop and implement winning strategies for today's marketplace. 

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Expert Analysis

The answers are in the numbers. The North Motors Group digs for the answers.  Our team will uncover the solutions to your toughest challenges.

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Marketing Strategies

The North Motor Group excels at assessing your brand, understanding your key competitors, developing strategies and tactics to elevate your business to a new industry benchmark.


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North Motors Group  |  Tel: 310-503-8016

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